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Welcome to FundMyVehicle, UK's leading sub-prime car dealer, specialising in providing quality used cars prepared to the highest standards, via a nationwide network of branches. We make it fast and easy to instantly get connected to the car you've been looking for. Fund My Vehicle was founded to give consumers quick, easy and free access to the auto dealership network. Fund My Vehicle continues to grow its membership base and develop innovative products to help consumers better understand their financial options. Unlike some car dealerships, Fund My Vehicle offers a one stop solution for customers who have been unable to secure credit elsewhere. Typically when looking to buy a car, a customer might visit a car dealer to choose a car, make an application for finance and then possibly have to repeat that process numerous times. With us, the car buying experience is made as simple as possible, for the customer's convenience.

Your information is used to match you with the companies who can best meet your needs, specifically by searching our database of auto network. Once profiles are matched, the dealer is instantly alerted and begins to process the application immediately.

We have helped thousands of people make better decisions of their choices when searching for a new or used car. Afterall, options and choices will provide you leverage to get the best deal possible and saving you money. We at FundMyVehicle.co.uk know our customers can and should expect satisfaction in applying with the ease of knowing that they are dealing with an industry leader.

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